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Social Distancing Solutions for Small Business


    A Project connecting Cowichan businesses to the newest technology

    The customer service sector in the Cowichan Region is a significant player in the local economy. Collectively, these food services, hospitality, retail and tourism businesses make up Cowichan’s “Main Street” of amenities and service providers that create the character and charm we all value in rural communities. 

    Cathy Robertson, General Manager at Community Futures explains “these sectors - individually and together - are the largest economic sectors in the Cowichan Region. Together they are the region’s largest employer. The window of time for recovery is so small – the COVID crisis will be the ‘make it or break it’ moment for many small businesses”  

    To support these business Community Futures Cowichan assessed funding from Western Economic Diversifications Rural Opportunities Fund to cover the cost for businesses who could benefit from using technology to manage lines, contact tracing and overall keep customer satisfaction high.

    This project is a win-win. Business who are struggling because of COVID get the support they need and customers can safely and efficiently visit their favourite stores and service providers.

    Interested Businesses contact your local Chamber of Commerce or Business Improvement Association for more details.  Its as easy as getting you licence code to be a user. And you’ll be connected with the Support Team where they will get you up and running.   To learn more check out the website:

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