These are some of the clients that Community Futures Cowichan has helped.

* Note, only clients who wish to be profiled on our website are listed. 

Harlequin Nature Graphics Ltd...a growing and repeat client.

Harlequin Nature Graphics Ltd... a growing and repeat client. For this client in Cobble Hill we have financed 3 major growth spurts. They now have more products in markets across North America. They specialize in supplying attractions and major zoo's with T-shirts and other major apparel items.
Jickling Automotive

Jickling Automotive...its was time to move out of the house.

Working from his home since 2004, Dave Jickling identified the need for a more comprehensive line of automotive repair services in the South Cowichan area. This meant a move from a 'home based' business to commercial shop space.
Alana Elliott

Libre Naturals... saw a gap in the market and created a solution

Alana Elliott is a true entrepreneur. She saw a need for a product and set about developing and manufacturing that product right here in the Cowichan Region. Since 2004, her product line has expanded from three flavours of granola bars to...

Lush Eco guy and mower, now a team with trucks from Nanaimo to Victoria

Lush Eco Lawns, owned and operated by John Close, opened in 2009 and came to us for their first loan in 2011 in order to purchase equipment and use for working capital. They provide professional lawn, garden, and property maintenance in Duncan and Nanaimo, offering everything from their Lush Alive Lawn Care Programs, lawn and property maintenance, lawn renovations, new lawn installs, garden maintenance, hedge trimming, tree pruning and a Christmas Light Program. Since John started the business his sales have grown and he has expanded his business into the Victoria and Nanaimo markets as well.

Power Lunch... a succession planning loan

Robin Duke buying Power Lunch is what we call a Succession Loan, which means we helped finance Robin to buy a local business to allow the seller to retire while the business remains in the community and retaining jobs. These are great loans for Community Futures and the business community as we need local buyers to take over from all the baby-boomers retiring.