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Volunteer of the Year

The commitment, vision and concern of our volunteers measure the success of community-based organizations like Community Futures. Each year we choose one of our volunteers who has demonstrated outstanding service in the field of community and business development to be recognized at the annual Community Futures BC conference.

Ronnie Doman - 2017 Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

Ronnie first stepped up to volunteer with CF Cowichan in 2011, when he joined our Finance & Audit Committee.  A year later, he also volunteered on our Business Development Committee (BDC).

During these past few years, Ronnie has provided excellent guidance on both of these key CF Committees. In 2015, he stepped down from Finance & Audit to focus on the BDC. Ronnie has earned the respect and trust of his committee peers, as someone who thoroughly studies the financials and analyzes numbers. His insight and depth of questioning create valuable learning opportunities for staff. 

Ronnie is the Comptroller for Centurion Lumber, a third-generation family business. With over 18 years’ experience in public accounting as well as a local business owner for many years, both CF clients and our organization have benefitted from his volunteer contributions.

According to his wife Sharan, Ronnie enjoys using his skills and background to give back to the community -- helping business to build a community. He really enjoys working with the BDC and the people involved, and their combined commitment to make a difference.

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