Board & Committee Members

All Community Futures organizations are guided by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of local business people who bring with them extensive knowledge and experience of the area’s economy. Our Board members represent our region's population and main economic sectors. Their role is to establish our organization’s priorities, monitor our performance, and answer to key stakeholders.

Board Members

Bob Annis - Board Chair

Bob has a BA, an MA and a Ph.D., has published several reports and documents about social and economic issues facing rural Canadians, and served ten years as the Director of Brandon University’s Rural Development Institute. He has also served as a volunteer to numerous community organizations. In his spare time, Bob can likely be found boating around the Gulf Vancouver Islands.

Janna Jorgensen - Vice Chair

Janna is an organizational development consultant and facilitator with over a decade of experience working nationally and internationally with individuals, teams and organizations in the public, private, not-for-profit and governmental sectors. Janna specializes in leadership development, shared visioning, strategic planning, multi-agency collaboration, governance and action research.

Mike Evans

Mike is a Principal of the Cowichan based firm Grant Thornton LLP with a Chartered Accountant designation.  He serves on both the Board of Directors and the Finance & Audit Committee.  When not in his suit and tie he is on his mountain biking gear on any of the local mountains.

Chris Davies

Chris is originally from the U.K. where he held senior positions with a Multi-National retail chain and owned several successful businesses. He is now a resident of the Cowichan Valley and owner of Mid-Island Ink Depot.  Chris’s retail experience along with running his own businesses enables him to offer a breadth of experience in the challenges and opportunities as an entrepreneur. The best employees he has ever had are Minnie and Katie… his dogs!

Tek Manhas

Tek has been a life-long resident of the Cowichan Valley. He is a graduate of Cowichan High School and SFU with a Business Admin degree. Tek has been employed in the private sector for over 25 years in various roles. He left his last position as a senior manager for a multi-national company to be self-employed. 

Sarah Morden

Sarah has a Masters in Public Administration and over 12 years of experience in the BC local government sector.  She currently works as a self-employed consultant with municipalities and regional districts throughout the province on a broad range of local initiatives and research projects.  

Dana Thorne 

Dana is currently employed at Cowichan Tribes as the Communications Advisor.  In this role she is working to help develop a communications framework for internal and external communications. Her background also includes employment and training management, banking and marketing. Outside of work she volunteers in a number of sports and community programs. 

Leslie Grills

Leslie has 26 years of experience in the Credit Union system.  She is an active member with the South Cowichan Rotary serving on the Board of Directors as the Youth Exchange Officer.

Business Development Committee

  • Mr. Tek Manhas, Chair
  • Mr. Ronnie Doman
  • Ms. Moira Hauk
  • Mr. Blair Herbert
  • Mr. John Morris

Finance & Audit Committee        

  • Mr. Michael Evans, Chair
  • Mr. Victor Gamble 
  • Ms. Julie Scurr

Executive/Human Resources Committee

  • Mr. Bob Annis, Board Chair
  • Ms. Janna Jorgensen, Board Vice-Chair
  • Mr. Tek Manhas, Business Development Committee Chair
  • Mr. Michael Evans, Finance & Audit Committee Chair